Web Applications, Databases, eCommerce

Doing business over the web

Esonica has worked with many companies to streamline existing business processes with the development of custom web based applications. Many of our clients projects have been of a confidential nature, so we can only show you a limited selection of what we can do in this space.

If you have any business process you would like to bring to the web to allow staff collaboration, faster processing, audit trails and valuable reporting, please do not hesitate to talk with us.

DataKava.com : online csv data processing

This live application provides web based automated csv reporting , through an environment that stores your text and CSV files into a SQL database, allowing you to instantly run customised reports in HTML, PDF and Word formats, on your data.

The solution provides permissions and roles administration, data manipulation tools and history tracking for usage and data changes. With easy printing and data navigation, this system is easily adapted to suit a variety of business applications.

This is a classic example of the customised and brandable systems that Esonica produces.

TwitterImg.com : Twitter Background Creator

This social site is a work in progress, using the Flickr and Twitter APIs to create and publish custom backgrounds in seconds.

Emaps.com.au : custom mapping portals

This site is used as the registration and portal for the Emaps.com.au network being built by esonica. These portals are being built on a common architecture, to allow the sharing of geocoded information across portals.

Esonica provides a range of map integration services into your website, typically using the Google Maps platform.