Social Media : Twitter, Facebook, MySpace

The 'social web', we live and breathe it

The biggest change in the internet landscape in the last few years has been the growth of the "social web". It represents the move from business and commerce over the web to social interactions, photo sharing and instant messaging. Websites at the center of this include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Orkut.

These massive social sites allow access to this information stream through Web APIs which allow external websites, like yours, to retrieve, update and authenticate using the data stored on their servers.


More people use Facebook than any other website on the internet, and we specialise in integrating your website with Facebook, as well as building and managing your own Facebook profile and Fan Pages.


Twitter is the instant message service to replace chat. It is designed so you can follow people you would not normally be friends with (ala Facebook), but are interested in. While being home to many celebrity accounts, it is also used as an instant marketing tool for many businesses.

Esonica builds fully Twitter integrated websites, that allow you to display your current Tweets on your website, and let people promote your content easily through the Twitter network, all with a simple click.